Journey to Black Belt

The Journey to a Black Belt can be immensely fulfilling. Here at Complete Self Defence we will guide you through the ranks and if your goal is to progress all the way to a Black Belt, we will give you support, encouragement and will push you hard towards achieving your goal. Your training will be full of fun, companionship and you will make lifelong friends. The road to Black Belt is not an easy one, but it certainly is a rewarding one. You will progress to Black by learning all of the techniques in the Color Belt syllabus. Below is an outline of each belt and what you will learn.



  • White Belt - 8th Kup

    Stances, Tan Jun Breathing, Hapkido Principles, Basic Punching Skills, Front and turning kick, Forward and Backward Breakfalls. Self Defence Concept 1 (Evasion) and Concept 2 (Circular Releases).

  • Orange Belt - 7th Kup

    Elbows, Knee and Back kick, Side and Slapping Breakfalls. Basic striking drill. Self Defence Concept 3 (Arm Bar Over) and Concept 4 (Hand Attacks).

  • Yellow Belt - 6th Kup

    Hammer strikes, Side and front leg front kick, Forward into slapping Breakfalling. Self Defence Concept 5 (S Locks) and Concept 6 (Arm Bar Under).

  • Green Belt - 5th Kup

    Palm and Back fist strikes, Shin and Turning back kick, Aerial Breakfalling. Self Defence Concept 7 (V Locks) and Concept 8 (Balance Stationary).

  • Blue Belt - 4th Kup

    Advanced elbows, Sliding front and front leg side kick, Striking and kicking drill, Back fall. Self Defence Concept 9 (Chokes) and Concept 10 (Arresting).

  • Brown Belt - 3rd Kup

    Forearm and Spinning strikes, Crescent and Stepping side kick. Advanced striking and kicking drill. Self Defence Concept 11 (Balance motion) and Concept 12 (Kick Defence).

  • Red Belt - 2nd Kup

    Rolling strikes and Tiger Mouth, Low spinning hook and Jump turning kick. Advanced kicking and striking drill. Self Defence Concept 13 (Ground Defence).

  • Provisional Black Belt - 1st Kup

    Revision of all coloured belt techniques, Lock flows, Striking and kicking drills, Multiple Grabs and Concept 14 (Weapon Defence).

  • Black Belt

    Congratulations and now your apprenticeship is over. It is now time to take your Hapkido too where you want to go. The Black Belt Degree syllabus ranges from set advance kicking, though you get to choose the direction of your Hapkido. Whether that is falling, striking, weapons. The options are endless.


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